Friday, May 1, 2015

Justice will be served

Floyd Mayweather and Manny Pacquiao will square off on May 2nd, at the MGM Grand Hotel, encouraging boxing fans to muster $99.95 in order to see a fight between a multitalented Filipino congressman and a convicted sexual offender. While it is a travesty that it took $300 million dollars for the men to agree to a fight, the truth of the matter is that the once great sport of boxing is becoming a decentralized, corrupted arena, with businessmen, such as Floyd Mayweather diminishing the grandiose of the once gladiator sport.

An innocent perception of Floyd Mayweather, coming from his son.
Floyd Mayweather is not only undefeated in the ring, that is 47-0, he is also undefeated with his lifestyle, utilizing his selfish, egotistic personality as a means for making millions. The "man" is easily the most hated person in sports, right up there with...himself. It is heartbreaking that he has only gone to jail once, for thirty days. He has been accused of sexual harassment five times, yet he seems to be innocent every time. Moreover, his own son wrote a letter a few years ago, detailing how his father beat his mother in a police report, and how nobody on the premises of the Mayweather estate seemed to have a problem with it. The sad truth is that "Money" Mayweather uses his millions of dollars to manipulate and control others, so the arrogant baby that he is, can have his every needs. 

While Floyd is a bad, horrible person, it is too late for people to boycott his actions. In the light of recent domestic abuse scandals revolving around other star athletes in America, many are jumping at the opportunity to bring Mayweather. However, his first suspicions of domestic abuse occurred over a decade ago, and after the fight comes May 2nd, the mainstream sports audience will shift to another headline. And he won't change.

Pacquiao will have the weight of the world on his shoulders,trying to prove his supremacy.
Mayweather will do a great job at gaining excess money from this fight, but all we can hope from this fight, is that he gets what’s coming for him. It might seem harsh to say that about anyone, but if Floyd Mayweather wasn't the celebrity that he is, he would most definitely be locked up in a maximum security prison by now. It's all good though, as Mr. Manny Pacquiao will put him on Death Row come Saturday.


  1. Turns out that "money"Mayweather put Mr. Manny Pacquiao on the Death Row.

  2. This actually really sad, I did not know this until after the fight occurred. Pacquiao should have won and someone needs to stand up against Mayweather and put him behind bars.

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