Thursday, April 23, 2015

A Careful Optimism

The 2015 NFL season has officially begun, as optional workouts have commenced around the league, in preparation for training camp (one month away). The Miami Dolphins have disappointed over the last 15 years, having made the playoffs once. 

Image result for dolphins stadium renovation
The complete renovation will be in full effect, in time for the 2016 NFL season opener
However, this season, Miami's squad will field an experienced and talented roster this season, boasting game-changers such as Brent Grimes (cornerback), Ryan Tannehill (quarterback), and Ndamukong Suh (defensive linemen). Grimes is 5-10 generously, nonetheless, his athleticism makes up for his height disadvantage, most notable in his lock down coverage of Calvin Johnson Jr. last year, dominating the best wide out in the league. As for Tannehill, the three year veteran has improved every year, now being considered a borderline elite quarterback. And in Suh, the Dolphins have a defender that causes quarterbacks to reconsider their careers. 

And if that's not enough for optimism, the Dolphins have gotten rid of Mike Wallace, who was the most overpaid player in the NFL, being paid $60 million dollars to complain and play half-hardheartedly. They've replenished their wide receiving corp by signing efficient, hard working players with playoff experience, in Kenny Stills and Greg Jennings. 

While fans should be undeniably skeptical in mild mannered head coach Joe Philbin, they should also be excited to experience the modernization of Sun Life Stadium. The home of the Miami Dolphins has always been criticized for being too bland, too obsolete. 

The stadium that hasn't been upgraded since its inception in 1987 is in the midst of a $350 face-lift that will transform the stadium into a world class venue, which would possibly host future World Cup matches and Super Bowls. The renovations will include a deduction of 10,000 seats, closer seat options, and a canopy that will provide shade to 92% of the spectators. 


  1. Love this story bro. The dolphins are awesome, the new stadium was a great upgrade, and his-tory can now be our-story.

  2. This stadium still can win us another game.